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Tony Hudspeth

260585_116439468443729_100002330298051_153840_4738730_nAwesome! One man rocks the stage alone with a worn-out Stratocaster and the show quickly evolves into a work of art. The guitarist, singer and songwriter Tony Hudspeth lets his Fender scream, adding a riff played with a cordless drill, laughing, singing, joking and having endless fun. The crowd explodes. Whether rock festival, club or congress: Tony Hudspeth loves the show and good honest music. Blues, rock, pop, funk, soul and country form an irresistible combination of covers and original material. Originally from Colchester in the south of England, guitar virtuoso Tony Hudspeth can now look back on thousands of appearances, including playing support for Walter Trout and the world-class guitarist Carl Verheyen, who has recorded with the likes of Supertramp, BB King or John Fogerty. Tony Hudspeth knows how to swing the musical hammer!

On his new CD “Back From The Cold”, the guitarist and singer who now lives in Germany, really lets it rip. The eleven tracks on the disc are an expression of undiminished enthusiasm. Full-scale rock, feather-light funk with sharp brass and jazzy interludes, earthy blues and bold swamp-rock form a crisp and exciting mixture.

For his new album Tony Hudspeth has invited along renowned and respected musicians, who all know their craft. Paul Harriman plucks a brilliant bass, trained on rhythm and blues, Josef Kirschgen and Bert Smaak alternate on the drums. These sought-after studio drummers provide the driving groove and nifty breaks, always sliding with fine sensitivity along the right musical path.

Perfect, yet unobtrusive background work is provided by Jens Ewald (keyboards / acoustic guitar), Jane Leinen (backings) and the reliable and precise “Triple F Horns” Heiko Bidmon (sax), Mathias Knoop (trumpet) and Mathias Schuller (trombone). Esteemed guest at the whimsically-fresh “Sunny Days”is Albie Donnelly (sax), front man of the band “Supercharge.”

With “Back from Cold”, the multitalented Tony Hudspeth has brought out an original and poetic, imaginative and cultured album without superficial spectacle, preferring to let his guitar speak. The album is full of fun and full-throttle passion and provides a musical journey of resonant orbits, always ending up at their rhythm and blues roots. Awesome!

Peter Stollenwerk, May 2012

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