Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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Leonora – You’ll Pay

Leonora -You'llPayText 07aA singer from Israel, who used to live in the USA, under contract with a German label run by an Englishman … so far so good. And then they all go off to Poland to record their new EP with a successful producer. Sounds complicated? But it wasn’t! And the result is an exciting blend of pop, rock and folk elements that just refuses to be pigeon-holed.

Israeli-born Leonora showed early promise as a songwriter, penning her first song as a prodigious five-year-old growing up in the States where she moved with her family as a baby. Returning to her Israeli roots as a teenager, the New Jersey vibe stayed with Leonora and led her to diversify from her ambitions as a saxophonist of seven years standing and to explore other musical directions.

Strumming on a guitar to accompany herself, Leonora began to develop her own unique sound and it was her self-taught skills on the guitar rather than the previously favoured saxophone that began to breathe real life into her captivating lyrics. Leonora was finding her niche and began to showcase her talent as a singer/songwriter in local bars by the age of 19.

In 2008 Leonora founded her own band and toured the country, performing pop/rock sets to packed bars. With demos distributed around Israel, Leonora began to receive airplay and recording success was within reach.

It was love that would finally bring Leonora’s dream to fruition as she moved to Germany following her marriage. Determined not to give up on her musical ambitions, she embarked on a solo career with demos and solo gigs around Germany receiving phenomenal feedback and leading to her introduction to 9a Music.

Leonora’s material is a refreshing mix of elements from pop, rock and folk music. The EP was produced by Piotr Siejka who has worked on many successful recordings in his Polish homeland, including artists such as Edyta Górniak, Perfect, Łukasz Zagrobelny, Magda Steczkowska and many more. Piotr recently even took charge of the finalists of the Polish “X-Factor” in the studio. The EP was recorded for the most part at his studio in Poland, with Marcin Majerczyk (Maryla Rodowicz) providing guitar and mandolin and Marek Buchowicz on bass. Additional recordings were made in the label’s own studio in Cologne.

Leonora’s songs are a personal insight into her thoughts and show a grown-up woman with a slightly dark side. This can be heard in the title song, “You’ll Pay”, about the planned revenge on an unfaithful partner, while in “Side of Me” she sings of the unpopular facets of one’s character and the desire to destroy them. In “Heroes” she sings about the difficulties of being your own hero and in “Lonely” she wins the battle of feeling the loneliness of the night. The final product is a lively, honest and international sound that will set Leonora’s stamp on the music scene.

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