Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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Leonora – Sides of Me

Sides of Me Album CoverIn today’s often monotonous musical landscape, Leonora’s songs are a refreshing mix of elements from pop, rock and folk music. More Katie Melua than Katie Perry and more Suzanne Vega than Shakira, the songs show a grown-up woman with a slightly dark side. ‘Side of Me’, the title track, shows the unpopular facets of one’s own character and the desire to destroy them. In ‘Heroes’ she sings about the difficulties of being your own hero and in ‘Lonely’ solitude wins the battle of fighting the feelings of the night. ‘You’ll Pay’ is about the planned revenge on an unfaithful partner and “My Road” tells of the wish to sometimes just be alone. The other tracks also give a personal insight into Leonora’s thoughts

The album was produced in part by Piotr Siejka, who in his Polish homeland is behind many successful recordings and recently took charge of the finalists of the Polish ‘X-Factor’ in the studio. It was recorded in his studio in Poland, with additional recordings in the label’s own studio in Cologne. The other tracks on the album were produced ‘at home’ in the 9a Studio by Jens Ewald, Sebastian Ruin and Neil Grant. The final product is a vibrant, honest and international sound.

Tracks: Heroes / First Winter / Don’t Marry Her / Forever I’m Calling Me Yours / Lonely / Side Of Me / Whatever / My Road / You’ll Pay / Ride Out The Night / Pack My Love / Heroes (Acoustic)

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